Breaking the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time.


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Through early education that promotes faith building and school readiness we seek to foster hopeful, healthy and permanent change in our families. 


of Long Beach’s homeless population are families. 75% live in shelters, 25% live on the streets.



of Long Beach’s nearly half-million residents live below the poverty line. 44,000 chronically poor live within 2 miles of our campus, where 90% of our partner shelters are located.


the rates of emotional and behavioral problems such as anxiety, depression, withdrawal and aggression are experiences by at-risk youth.


the rates of serious health problems. Homeless children are exposed to domestic violence, substance abuse and neglect.

Our Vision:

We desire to be a tangible support system for young children and their families who suffer from crisis. Through nurture, education and support, we hope to help bring restoration, stability and empowerment.


Because of Precious Lamb, I have been able to accomplish my goals: school, drug treatment, and counseling. This awesome school gives me time to focus on my treatment and education. My son loves this school so much he does not want to leave by 4pm.”

Stephanie, mom of 5 year old son


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