The Power of Volunteers

We are so grateful for our incredible volunteers, from those that help in the classroom, to those that collect and donate items, to those that help behind the scenes, everything from board meetings to fundraisers to website design, and the countless people who support us through prayer and service projects. As we have said since day one, and continue to believe, is that the mission of Precious Lamb could not be carried out without you, our amazing volunteers. In 2018 we had well over 120 volunteers give more than 6,000 hours, your combined time is worth more than $120,000 (and that’s being modest).

The value of volunteerism is beneficial to both the individual and those they serve. A recent Forbes Magazine study says volunteering actually makes one a better person- healthier and more experienced. Read more here:

Thank you to all who made it to our annual Volunteer Appreciation Party in June, and for those that couldn’t, anticipate an even bigger and better one next year. To all the Precious Lamb volunteers: THANK YOU!

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Erin Wilson